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Reason to Hire The Services of Belfast Tree Surgeon

Belfast Tree Surgeon

Trees are planted in different areas of living, ranging from private apartment and complexes to business and industrial parks, which require regular care and maintenance. In fact, there are various reasons that influence the requirement of tree maintenance. Therefore, for such purposes, arises the need of tree surgeons that are dedicated professionals and are educated in making trees safe by improving their health. 

Overall, a tree surgeon Belfast is responsible to make your trees look healthy and beautiful. Different species of trees respond differently to pruning, which also depends upon the season and the severity of pruning.
Therefore, it becomes essential to take necessary advice from tree surgeon that will assist you with suggestions matching your particular situation as well as budget. Some of the services offered by tree surgeon Belfast, which also gives you a reason to hire their services are:

Tree Crown Reduction and Shaping
This kind of service is usually required when
the tree has grown too large in size and is now effecting various human
activities. Therefore, with this service, the aim is to reduce the overall size
of the tree without affecting its natural appearance. Since trees do not grow
in definite proportion, by using tree surgeon Belfast you can ensure that the
arborist will carefully reshape the tree and improve its appearance and
structure by careful removing its outer branches.

Tree Crown Thinning and Dead Wood
During the process of crown thinning, the density of the canopy is reduced between 20 and 30% of the live growth. While undertaking this process, the aim of an arborist is to allow more passage of
light and wind through the tree and remove dead limbs that are dangerous for its growth. In order to give a uniform look to the tree, branches are removed from within the crown. However, if you are worried about the natural look of the tree, it remains completely unaffected but the 'sail effect' is reduced while allowing more light to filter through the branches.

Tree Pollarding
Pollarding is usually a misunderstood term among
people and is used in two different contexts. A less frequent use of this term
can mean regular pruning of the small branches that results in formation of a
pollard head and this new growth requires regular maintenance. Traditionally,
the term was used to describe the removal of branches from the trunk of trees.
But, mature trees that have not been previously pollarded are not suitable for
this process as they might contain some large wounds that can affect their
health in future.

Here are some other sites you can check out: 

In addition to the above mentioned reasons, there are several other services offered by a tree surgeon Belfast. However, before hiring any of them, it is recommended to check their certificates of liability and insurance to ensure that your trees are being treated by learned professionals in the industry.

Belfast Tree Surgeon
Blick Studios, 
51 Malone Road, 
Belfast, BT9 6RY
+4428 9507 2204 


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